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Top 10 Activities To Make the most of Fall in the Creston Valley

By Brian Lawrence

For many people, the slower paced fall season is a favourite time of year to visit the Creston Valley. From finding fresh pumpkins and apples at local fruit stands to serene hikes, refreshing rounds of golf, toe-tapping music shows or checking out an international film festival, there's no shortage of fun waiting for you this autumn. As the leaves begin to paint the landscape in stunning hues of red and gold, it's the perfect time to explore our top 10 list of things to do in the Creston Valley this fall!

1. Pick Up Some Fresh Local food!

For a superb insight into what makes the valley tick, vendors at the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market offer seasonal produce, fresh meat, baking, eggs, honey and more, including art, pottery and jewelry. It runs year-round, and can be found at the Creston and District Community Complex on Saturdays weekly from October-December and monthly from January-April, then downtown behind the Creston Visitor Centre from May-September.

Seasonal squash and pumpkins are hard to miss at Wloka Farms Fruit Stand.

Fall is also the time of year for apples, pears, many veggies and of course pumpkins (and other squashes), so you’re sure to find plenty at the local fruit stands. Creston Fruit Stand, Faraman Farms and Wloka Farms Fruit Stand are easy to spot along Highway 3 in Erickson, but be sure to keep an eye out for smaller farms offering their wares on surrounding side roads. For more spots to check out visit our Locally Grown Food & Drink page!

2. See the trees change colour

Fall hiking to Haystack Mountain in Kianuko Provincial Park.

It’s always exciting to see the trees bursting with green in the spring, and that excitement doubles (at least!) when those leaves start turning glorious shades of red, yellow and orange each fall. A bike ride or walk around the Corn Creek trail network or the Duck Lake areas of the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area is a surefire way to see the colours up close.

Alpine hiking in nearby Kianuko Provincial Park or Stagleap Provincial Park will allow you to check out a the bright yellow needles of the larch, one of the few coniferous trees to change colour and drop its needles! For more ideas of trails and areas around Creston to enjoy the autumn colours visit our Hiking or Parks & Recreation sections.

3. InDoor Fitness & Flow

The Creston and District Community Complex is the hub for many community activities. Beyond being the heart of community gatherings and events, it's also your gateway to autumn indoor activity. Dive into the season with a refreshing swim in the pool or relax in the steam room or in the inviting hot tub overlooking the town. If you're feeling the need to energize and keep fit, hit the gym for a great workout or checkout one of the regular fitness classes. For those seeking a different kind of zen, two fantastic studios, the Yoga Room and Embody Movement Studio, offer regular yoga and dance sessions to re-invigorate your spirits.

4. Enjoy Some Evening Entertainment

Bowling is fun for all ages at Romano's Runaway Lanes.

If you’re also looking for something to do on a cold autumn evening, then you’re in luck — Creston offers a variety of activities to keep you busy. Wednesday Trivia at Wild North Brewing Co. and Thursday Bingo at Frisky Whisky are very popular! For those craving some excitement, don't miss out on cheering for our local Junior A hockey heroes, the Creston Valley Thunder Cats, as they tear up the ice at the John Bucyk Arena.

For something active and indoors to do with a group it’s hard to pass up five-pin bowling at Romano’s Runaway Lanes! Or if you are looking to get your pulse racing (yes, even more than filling your bingo card!), Blood Alley Escape Room might be up your, um, alley. Two immersive themed rooms are located in the Hallo Lipstick boutique — see if you can figure out the secret before time runs out! For more inspiration for evening indoor fun head on over to our Activities & Entertainment section!

5. See An International Film Festival

From to documentaries to animation — long and short, fun and poignant — the 7th Siding Film Festival presented by the Kootenay Film Society runs films produced in the Creston Valley alongside entries from around the world at our very own independently owned and operated Tivoli Theatre, making the Nov. 17-19 weekend one to truly expand your horizons. At the time of this writing, we don’t have much information, but be sure to visit their website to keep up with what’s going on!

6. Warm up in a café

Good books and great coffees are on the menu at Kingfisher Used Books.

In the cool fall weather, dropping by one (or more) of several fantastic cafés is a must! Downtown, tasty sandwiches, freshly baked goodies and homemade soups are offered at Buffalo Trails Coffee House, Golden Flour Bakery and Black Stone Café. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for some shopping or book browsing with your specialty coffee, drop by Kingfisher Used Books or Fly in the Fibre.

There are also some charming rural cafes to explore. Outside of town on the way to Wynndel, Mountain Barn is famous for its fresh donuts (as well as soups and sandwiches), and it also has some outdoor seating perfect for slightly warmer days. Good Company Coffee in Erickson offers a picturesque view of Mount Thompson and the ridges on the east side of the valley — it’s truly breathtaking at any time of the day!

7. Visit boutiques, Shops and Artisan studios

The Grater Good is a kitchen specialty shop in downtown Creston.

Downtown Creston also offers a wide array of boutiques and shops that cater to pretty much everyone. Modern Alchemy/Public Vinyl, Fly in the Fibre and Tigz Tea Hut are excellent places to find a one-of-a-kind gift, and there’s no better place than The Grater Good to ensure that your kitchen is well-stocked with the most stylish and unique cookware.

Outside of town, stock up on bath and body care products with a visit to the Yahk Soap & Candle Company, which might be memorable for more than just the shopping — you may even see the resident goats on the roof! For a full list of all the great boutiques and artist studios to explore check out our Shops & Artisans section.

8. Learn about local history

A child test driving the old Model T at the Creston Museum
Test driving the old Model T at the Museum

Local history dates back millenniums through the presence of the Yaqan Nukiy people, who have inhabited the region around Kootenay Lake and the Creston Valley for more than 10,000 years. A visit to the Yaqan Nukiy Heritage Centre, located at the Legend Logos gift shop, is an excellent way to learn about their deep connection to the land.

The Creston Museum also provides a wealth of information chronicling the more recent history of the Creston Valley and the European settlers who began arriving in the late 1800s. It occupies a couple of unique stone buildings created by a master stone mason, and includes a 1921 Model T Ford that still runs! The hours are reduced in the fall, so be sure to check to plan a visit.

9. Check Out Some live music

The live music scene in Creston is a busy one, with local bands, singers and DJs offering up a wide range of music to listen or dance to. A few restaurants offer occasional music (including outdoors on the patio at Buffalo Trails Coffee House in the summer!) but a number of our local pubs, bars and lounges regularly host live music — and are well worth a visit, music or not!

Looking for something less rock 'n' roll and more night at the opera? The Creston Concert Society also hosts touring jazz acts, orchestras, dance troupes, and international musicians from September to April at the Kootenay River Theatre. Intrigued? Head on over to our Upcoming Events Calendar to see what's on the live music menu in Creston in the next month!

The scenery and fall colour are incredible at the Creston Valley Gold Club.

10. Spend time playing outdoors

Cool weather may be settling in, but there’s still time to get out and enjoy the last few opportunities for your favourite outdoor activities. The Creston Valley Golf Club stays open until the end of October or for those who prefer a golfing with a disc, checkout the nine hole course at the Lister Park!

Looking for something a bit faster paced? The Creston and District Community Complex is also home to a fantastic skatepark! If flying around four wheels sounds a bit extreme maybe a quick round of pickleball on the outdoor courts might be more your pace.

Or Plan Your Own Top 10!

Of course, this is just an overview, and there is so much more to do! Be sure to check out the Play, Shop and Eat sections of our website for more ideas, or visit the Get Inspired blog section for suggestions to keep you busy all year long!

However you choose to fill your time, enjoy autumn in the Creston Valley!

Brian Lawrence

Freelance writer Brian Lawrence is a former editor and publisher of the Creston Valley Advance. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and trail running, and acting in and directing productions with Creston's Footlighters Theatre Society.


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