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Welcome to the Creston Valley area in British Columbia, a stunning vacation destination just a short drive north from the USA-Canada border. With two accessible options to cross the border at Kingsgate Crossing near Yahk and Rykerts Crossing near Creston, visitors from Idaho, Washington, and Montana can easily explore our beautiful region. Uncover essential information on border locations, hours, directions, travel documents required and other tips to ensure a seamless journey into Canada.

USA-Canada BORDER CROSSINGs Near Creston Valley

The Creston Valley area is just a short distance north of the USA-Canada border and both the Town of Creston and the hamlet of Yahk are short drives from the following two crossings:

1. Rykerts-Porthill Border Crossing

The Rykerts-Porthill Border Crossing serves as the main connection between Bonners Ferry, Idaho and Creston, British Columbia along the Canada–US border. Rykerts is the Canadian port of entry, while Porthill serves as the US port of entry. The crossing is conveniently located about a 30-minute drive from Bonners Ferry, Idaho via Idaho State Highway 1 to Rykerts-Porthill, followed by an additional 5 minutes to Creston on British Columbia Highway 21.


**Please note that currently the respective Canadian and US Ports of Entry do not have the same hours of operation, with the Canadian side being open for longer throughout the year, which will require consideration when planning to return to the US. Please find the current hours of operation, phone number and further contact information below:​

Rykerts (Canadian) Port of Entry​ Info

Porthill (U.S.A)  Port of Entry Info

2. Kingsgate-Eastport Border Crossing 

The Kingsgate-Eastport Border Crossing is a vital connection between Bonners Ferry, Idaho and Yahk, British Columbia, serving as a gateway on the Canada-US border. At this crossing, Kingsgate represents the Canadian port of entry, while Eastport serves as the US port of entry. It is conveniently located just a 30-minute drive from Bonners Ferry, Idaho, accessible via US Route 95, followed by another 15-minute drive to Yahk on British Columbia Highway 95.

Both the Canadian and US ports of entry operate round the clock, seven days a week, ensuring continuous accessibility. For the specific hours of operation, contact details, and further information, please refer to the details provided below:"

Kingsgate (Canadian) Port of Entry Info

Eastport (U.S.A) Port of Entry Info

Helpful Canada-USA Border Crossing Info

What Documents will You Need To Cross the Border?
  1. A valid passport is required for each individual when crossing the border.

  2. A secondary piece of photo ID is also advisable to bring with you.

  3. Your vehicle registration is also advisable to bring with you as this may be requested at the border crossing.



What Are the Covid-19 Related Border Regulations? 

For all travellers entering Canada by air, land or marine mode on or after October 1, 2022 most Covid-19 related border regulations for entry into Canada have been lifted. For example:

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is not required

  • COVID-19 pre-entry and arrival tests are not required

  • Quarantine after you enter Canada is not required

  • Using the ArriveCAN is not required

  • Pre-boarding tests for cruise passengers are not required

  • Health checks to board planes and trains are not required

  • Wearing masks on planes and trains is not required

Other Tips for Crossing the Border

  • Familiarize Yourself with Import Regulations - Prior to reaching the Border Officer's booth, make sure you understand the regulations regarding items such as pets, alcohol, tobacco, hunting rifles, and motorboats. Being aware of the rules will help expedite the crossing process.

  • Prepare Your Vehicle in Advance - To minimize potential questioning and save time during the border crossing, remove any unnecessary items from your vehicle. Only keep what is essential for your trip.

  • Arrive at the Border Prepared - Passengers should hand their passports and identification to the driver before approaching the border services booth. Remove sunglasses, turn off radios and cell phones, and roll down all vehicle windows. This allows the Border Officer to see everyone in the vehicle and examine your belongings.

  • Respond Directly and Truthfully - Expect a series of questions from the Border Services Officer, such as the purpose and duration of your visit, as well as your accommodation address. Answer these inquiries directly and honestly, avoiding jokes or uncertainty.

Can we help?

Have any other questions or need more assistance to plan your trip to the Creston Valley from the USA? Contact the Creston Valley Visitor Centre and staff will be happy assist you!

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