It's not just for the birds




Some of our very favourite tourists visit every year – by the millions! On the west side of the meandering Kootenay River you’ll find West Creston. It’s the home of the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, a 17,000-acre preserve that boasts a wetland designated as a Ramsar site of international importance. The wetland attracts an unparalleled population of migratory birds that break from their long journeys to rest in the valley. From here, the river itself runs north to Duck Lake and Kootenay Lake.


The diking of the Kootenay River enabled agriculture to become this area’s principal industry. The fertile Creston flats, with their rich, reclaimed valley soil, nourish grain and pasture fields and orchards, and support dairy and cattle farms.  An attractive residential area houses many of West Creston’s 1,372 locals. If you’re here in early September, consider yourself a local and join in the Corn Crickers’ Picnic. This annual gathering welcomes all comers for old-fashioned fun – delicious pies, games, and a generous helping of community spirit, served up near the banks of Corn Creek.


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