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 Welcome to Creston Time - Quite Literally!


In laid-back Creston BC, we take pride in our unique sense of time. Learn about our extraordinary time zone that sets us apart from most everyone else and its fascinating characteristics in comparison to other zones. Stay in sync with the current time as you plan your trip, ensuring a seamless and well-timed adventure. Then once you are here you can embrace Creston's relaxed rhythm, surrender to its unhurried pace, and savour you time like a true local!

What is So unique about the Creston Valley's time zone?

Welcome to Creston Valley, where time stands still! Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but hear us out. While we are on Mountain Standard Time (MST) like our eastern neighbors, we have chosen not to observe Daylight Savings Time (DST) during the summer. We're not the only ones opting out of DST - the majority of the U.S. State of Arizona and the Province of Saskatchewan do the same!

What does this mean for you? It means we're rocking a consistent time throughout the year - Isummer during Daylight Savings we sync up with the Pacific Time Zone and soak up all those long days! Then, when winter rolls in we skip the "Fall Back", keep that extra hour of daylight, and sync back up with the Mountain Time Zone crew without losing a wink of sleep!

It's a little time dance we do, but we promise it's all part of our unique charm here in Creston Valley!

So What is THe Current Time in Creston?


So now that you are crystal clear on the Creston Valley's unique time zone (we hope?), you probably still want to know what time it is. Check out the handy multi-time zone clock for current local  time and for comparison with our daylight observant neighbours in both the Pacific time zone (Seattle) and Mountain time zone (Calgary)!

Can we help?

Have any other questions or need more information about the time in the Creston Valley to help you plan your trip to the Creston Valley? Contact the Creston Valley Visitor Centre and staff will be happy assist you!

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