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Kootenay Lake: Outdoor Adventure & Artistry Await

Man paddle boarding on kootenay lake



Embark on an Outdoor Adventure and Delight in Artistic Treasures on the East  Shore of Kootenay Lake: A Captivating Day Trip from the Creston Valley. Located just north of the Creston Valley, Kootenay Lake beckons outdoor enthusiasts, lake lovers, and connoisseurs of artisanal creations. As one of British Columbia's largest lakes, Kootenay Lake holds a storied history that begins with its significance to the Yaqan Nukiy people, followed by the gold mining boom and the bustling sternwheelers that once traversed its waters before the advent of the railroad. Accessible via the construction of Highway 3A in the 1950s,Kootenay Lake now offers visitors a scenic drive along its captivating East Shore, unveiling charming lakeside communities such as Sirdar, Sanca, Boswell, Grey Creek, Crawford Bay, and Riondel, each possessing its own unique charms and character.

The East Shore of Kootenay Lake boasts breathtaking natural beauty that leaves visitors in awe. The lake is an ideal playground for fishing, sailing, and swimming. Numerous beautiful beaches, including Twin Bay, Lockhart Beach, and Crawford Bay Beach, invite relaxation and enjoyment. Excellent parks like Lockhart Beach Provincial Park and Pilot Bay Peninsula Provincial Park offer picturesque settings for picnics and exploration. The lake also hosts several marinas, catering to boating enthusiasts, while golf lovers can escape to the serene Kokanee Springs Golf Course.

However, the East Shore is not solely a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The area is also home to a vibrant community of artisans, who showcase their craft through studios and shops. From traditional broom-making to hand-woven fabrics, pottery, and blacksmithed home furnishings, these talented artisans offer a feast for the senses. Whether seeking thrilling outdoor adventures or seeking artistic inspiration, Kootenay Lake presents itself as the perfect day trip destination from the Creston Valley, promising unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.



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