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Kianuko Provincial Park

Kianuko Provincial Park encompasses 11,638 hectares and is located in the southern Purcell Mountains, east of Kootenay Lake and north of Creston.

This park encompasses the headwaters of Kianuko Creek, which is a tributary of the Goat River, as well as a number of small alpine lakes and meadows. The watershed is largely undisturbed and contains moist cedar-hemlock and Engelmann Spruce Subalpine fir old-growth forest communities. The park protects important habitat for caribou, moose and grizzly bear, and fish. This is an area of Ktunaxa-kinbasket First Nation traditional use and has high spiritual values.

The park is also home to a number of backcountry hiking trails that may be of interest to hikers with experience and high clearance vehicles. The most popular of these is Haystack Mountain Trail, a moderate day hike to iconic mountain on the Western edge of the park. Another hike is the much longer Kianuko Creek trail that traverses the park south to north, ideal for a multi-day back-packing or horse-riding trip. In fall the park is also open to hunting with appropriate licenses.

*** Note that there are no services in this backcountry provincial park, so please come prepared and pack out whatever you pack in.


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