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Kootenay Pass BC


While the Creston Valley is not known for alpine mountain adventure, you'll find your fill of it just west in the famously high-elevation Kootenay Pass. Known for its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities, Kootenay Pass is home to one of the highest mountain pass highways in North America, sitting at an elevation of 1,774 meters (5,820 feet). As a result of the Highway 3's traverse over the pass visitors are afforded unparalleled access to some remarkably pristine alpine terrain in the Selkirk mountain range.

During the summer months, visitors can enjoy hiking on the Ripple Ridge and Cornice Ridge Trails in Stageleap Provincial Park, which offer stunning views of the surrounding Selkirks. The Ka Papa Cedars trail on the east side of the pass is also a must-see, with its short 1.5 KM loop trail climbing over the gurgling Summit Creek before meandering through an old-growth cedar forest.

In the winter, Kootenay Pass transforms into a winter wonderland, attracting backcountry skiers from around the world for its exceptional snowpack. Guided backcountry ski tours can be booked to explore the vast terrain safely. For those who prefer snowmobiling, the Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club operates a network of trails in the area, providing a thrilling way to explore the winter landscape. With so much to offer, Kootenay Pass is truly a gem of the Creston Valley, waiting to be discovered by adventurous visitors. If its the serenity of the mountains you seek, then you will find it here on Kootenay Pass.



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