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 Creston Valley Tourism Society: Putting Us on the Map!




Curious about the Creston Valley Tourism Society and its pivotal role in supporting tourism in the area? Allow us to introduce our organization and shed light on our mission.

As an organization, the Creston Valley Tourism Society serves as a passionate advocate for tourism in the Creston Valley area. Our primary objective is to promote and enhance the tourism industry, showcasing the region's remarkable attractions, diverse communities, and enriching experiences. We work diligently to foster collaboration among stakeholders, businesses, and local communities to create a thriving and sustainable tourism ecosystem.

By championing tourism, we aim to elevate the Creston Valley's profile as a premier destination, attracting visitors from near and far to explore the wonders it has to offer. Through strategic initiatives, marketing campaigns, and community engagement, we strive to create memorable experiences for travelers, support local businesses, and contribute to the economic growth and overall well-being of the Creston Valley.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate the beauty, culture, and adventures that define the Creston Valley. Together, we can unlock the region's full potential and create a vibrant tourism landscape for everyone to enjoy.

What is the Creston Valley TOurism Society?

Creston Valley Tourism is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the Creston Valley area, which encompasses a large geographic area from Yahk, BC in the east to the top of Kootenay Pass in the west, south to the Rykerts & Kingsgate crossings on the US border and north to the bottom of Kootenay Lake.


We are a not for profit society led by a board of directors, with balanced representation of tourism and community representatives. Representation includes individuals from the accommodation sector, businesses owners, local government, and other community organizations involved in tourism.


The mission of Creston Valley Tourism is to:


1. Work with our community partners to provide strategic marketing that will attract more visitors to our area year-round; (MARKETING)

2. Support remarkable visitor experiences that will celebrate our natural environment and culture to provide broad benefits to all members of the community; (EXPERIENCES) 

3. Provide tourism leadership through collaboration with industry partners and creating awareness within our community regarding the value of tourism. (LEADERSHIP)

What Are We Doing to Support the TouriSm Sector's Succcess?
  • Maintain the official Creston Valley Visitor’s website at including regularly updating our popular Event Calendar & Get Inspired Blog

  • Engage in web marketing and advertising activities to drive traffic to our site where visitors can research and plan their trip to the Creston Valley

  • Develop & produce print marketing resources including the:

  • Distribute these print material throughout the year to local businesses, visitors centres across BC, communities along the Highway 3 Corridor and to the Rockies International Airport & West Kootenay Regional Airport.

  • Run advertising campaigns in key target markets in the rest of BC, Alberta & the Northwest USA

  • Participate in collaborative marketing campaigns with Destination BC, Kootenay Rockies Tourism and other nearby communities and key sector groups such as:

  • Build buzz and showcase the best of the community to our 7,000+  social media followers on Instagram & Facebook

  • Work with travel media and influencers to support the publication of compelling stories about the Creston Valley area that will inspire their subscribers to plan a trip.

  • Participate in research initiatives & track key travel data to be more competitive in marketing our destination and being more helpful in serving our visitors

  • Provide industry news and updates to tourism industry stakeholders through our quarterly Industry Newsletter and regular news blasts.

  • Provide advocacy on behalf of the Creston Valley’s tourism industry to various levels of government as well as acting as a representative of the sector in public consultation and decision making processes.

Who Are The Board of Directors?

The current the Board of Directors for Creston Valley Tourism for the 2023-2024 are:

Mimika Coleman (Chair) - Creston Hotel & Jimmy’s Pub

Carla Ahern (Vice-Chair) - Kootenay Columbia Discovery Centre

Mel Joy (Treasurer) - Fly in the Fibre & Columbia Brewery Beer Gear Store

Kevin Wilson (Director) - Public Vinyl & Modern Alchemy

Lisa Wood (Director) - Wild North Brewing Co.

Gillian Kemle (Director) - Valley View Motel

Tammy Bessant (Director) - Yahk Soap & Candle Company

Tanya Wall (Director) - Savour Kitchen & Co.

Shaun Zimmer (Director) - Elevate Mountain Lifestyles

Kelly Vandenberghe (Director) - Regional District of Central Kootenays

Amy Maddess (Advisory Director) - Creston Valley Visitor Centre

How can You engage with us?

There are a number of ways to engage with us, including:


1. Review your Web Listing

Is your business listing on the Explore Creston Valley Website complete and up to date? Every month we have 3,000 visits to the site from people looking for information on events, things to do and where to eat, shop and stay  Be found! Ensure we are telling the best story about what you have to offer. Fill out our web listing form to request updates or to add you business or organization!


2. Submit Your Events

We are the events calendar for the Creston Valley. Make sure everyone knows your event is happening. Submit your events to us via our event submission form or email our staff to get permanent access to the calendar if you are a regular event host.


3. Purchase Premium Advertising

Purchase advertising in our Visitors Guide. This is a year-round publication that can be found in all the local hotels as well as at many local businesses. We also distribute the guide to more than 70 Visitors Centres throughout BC and Alberta, at the Canadian Rockies International Airport in Cranbrook and to neighbouring areas along Highway 3 corridor. Email us to learn more or to book your ad!


4. Order Visitors Guides and Maps 

Does your business have a lot of visitor traffic? Do you attend events outside of Creston representing the community? Do you get questions about what there is to do  and where to stay in Creston? Order some of our guides or maps by emailing us.


5. Rack your brochure at the Creston Valley Visitor Centre

The Creston Valley Visitor Centre is the first point of contact for many visitors and newcomers to our community. Have your business be top of mind with your promotional material front and centre. Email the Visitor Centre Manager to inquire. 


6. Host Our Team

What better way than for our staff to understand your business, than to host them at your establishment. By offering an inside look of your business our staff will have a better understanding of your business and your offering. This will help them relay their experience to visitors. Send us an email to schedule a visit to your business!

7. Enhance your own Website or Social Media with our Content

Embed a link to our website in your own to help your customers explore the Creston area. Share posts about upcoming events or things to do from our Facebook or Instagram pages to yours. Link to our blog stories in your newsletters, social media or on your website. 


8. Use our Hashtag, #ExploreCrestonValley and Tag us in your Social Media Posts

We love to re-share all the good things going on in and around Creston. By using our hashtag and tagging us you make it easier for us to find. 

9. Join our Industry Contact List to Receive Newsletter and Hear about Upcoming Opportunities

Want to know when we are opening ad bookings for next year's vistors guide or about tourism industry news from around the Creston Valley, Kootenays and BC? Join our industry contact list to receive Quarterly Newsletters and hear about other important tourism industry news and announcements.

10. Join our Board of Directors!

Do you have a valuable perspective on the Tourism Industry and a skillset that can help Creston Valley Tourism flourish? Any interested member o the public with a background in tourism can be nominated to the board. Elections take place at the AGM each November. Apply to join the board today here.


Have a burning question, some great ideas, helpful feedback or would just like to speak with our staff ? We'd love to hear what's on your mind and chat with you. Send a direct message and Creston Valley Tourism Society staff will be sure to follow up with you!

Thanks for submitting your question. Our staff will respond as soon as they are able to, usually within 24 hours.

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