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U-pick Fruit in Creston: Choose Your Own Adventure

By Ilana Cameron

Many blue baskets of freshly picked strawberries and blueberries.

It's that time of the year to come to the Creston Valley and stock up on all the bounty!

The fruit here in the Creston Valley is abundant and delicious, it's one of the reasons people flock here in the summer and fall. For many its an opportunity to stop at the many fruit stands along Highway 3 in Erickson and pick up cherries or apples to take home for pie filling, tomatoes for your homemade sauce, or perhaps cucumbers or beets for pickling.

However, for the more adventurous DIY types there is also the option of going to a U-Pick, rolling up the sleeves, picking yourself, and then enjoying the proverbial fruits of your labour! Of course some farms a mix of both U-Pick and purchase if you loose time in the day!

So what's in season you ask between July and early September?

In late July & August look for Cherries, Blueberries, Peaches, Raspberries, Apricots. In September You can expect, Apples, Nectarines, Pears, as well as Grapes.

While researching where to do u-pick I even discovered you can even get raspberries and strawberries in September as some varieties ripen in June and others don't even start until August.

Because so many different kinds are grown in this valley there is always something in season, until the frost hits in the fall. However, If you are looking for a specific fruit or berry it's best to call ahead to a fruit stand or U-Pick and confirm it's available and ready for the picking.

Finally, for those excited about having some fun at a U-Pick, find a short list of some excellent options here in the Creston Valley below.

However, note that this is far from a full list of places to pick, as many orchards do not advertise as U-Picks. We suggest taking your time, being creative, and taking time to explore the valley while visiting one of these fantastic farms and orchards! Keep an eye out for signs on the roads, though not always u-pick. Sometime you find great deals!

U-Pick Orchards & Farms in the Creston Valley

The family owned Blue Canoe Farm is a great place for Cherry U-Pick!

This unique Cherry Orchard in Erickson BC offers a classic U-Pick for those just visiting during the harvest season between late July & August. Please call ahead to book your U-Pick.

  • What: Cherries

  • Address: 3403 Beam Rd, Erickson

  • Phone: 250-946-6145

  • FYI: They also have a Rent-A-Tree Program if you are interested in having your own cherry tree to harvest year after year!

Flamenco Farms is a family operated farm, orchard and store located in Erickson, offering a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs for sale. Their seasonal U-Pick cherry orchard is a perfect place for a relaxed family outing if visiting in late July to Early August. In Mid-August they also offer U-Pick raspberries.

  • What: Cherries & Raspberries

  • Address: 2642 Erickson Rd, Erickson, BC

  • Phone: 250-254-0357

  • FYI: Their farm shop also has cherries, peaches, strawberries and more.

Early July is berry season in the Creston Valley and this family owned Saskatoon berry U-pick is ready for your nimble fingers daily from 6am-6pm. Please call ahead to check on availability & to book your appointment.

  • What: Saskatoon Berries

  • Address: 1331 Channel Rd, Wynndel, BC V0B 2N1

  • Phone: 250-866-5226

  • FYI: Conveniently located on the same property and owned by the same lovely folk, Pat & Jeanette Meerholz, at Wynndel Craft Distilleries.

Located in Erickson, Lloyd's Backyard is a charming little farm that sells an array of goodies, including bedding plants, fresh seasonal veggies and fruits as well as colourful handmade garden accessories! During the summer, you can also enjoy the sweet adventure of U-Pick Raspberries, Blackberries, and Blueberries. Just note that the farm have limited hours, so give them a ring beforehand to make sure the farm is open!

  • What: Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries

  • Address: 804 11th Ave S, Erickson

  • Phone: (250) 402-8016

Fruit Stands & The Creston Valley Farmers' Market

Marar Orchards Fruit Stand in Erickson

If you don't have time to stop to U-Pick the Creston Valley area is home to a number of fantastic Fruit Stands mostly situated along Highway 3 in Erickson that carry a variety of locally grown fruits & vegetables and more, not to mention our award winning Summer Outdoor Farmers' Market, which happens every Saturday morning in town. Find more information below:

Fruits Stands & Farmers Markets (From East to West)

  1. J&B Smagh Orchard & Fruit Stand - 3851 Highway, 3, Erickson

  2. Wloka Farms Fruit Stand - 3524 Highway 3, Erickson

  3. Marar Orchards - 3409 Highway 3, Erickson

  4. Faraman Farm - 3111 Highway 3, Erickson

  5. Creston Fruit Market - 3016 Highway 3, Erickson

  6. No's Orchard - 2928 Highway 3, Erickson

  7. Creston Valley Farmers' Market - 215 16th Avenue North, Creston (Summer Market)

Note that during the harvest season the more adventurous bargain hunters may also find a number of smaller, temporary road-side Fruit Stands in the Orchards along Erickson Road itself, which is just south off the main Highway 3 corridor through Erickson and thus far less busy. While not as big as other fruit stands and perhaps without the same services these temporary stands often offer lower prices and the oppotunity to meet the local farmers themselves.

Done all your farm-to-table shopping and still want more?

Erickson is known as an orchard district and is the densest fruit growing region in the valley. However, while here your day could even include stops that aren't fruit related too — there are three wineries (Skimmerhorn, Baillie-Grohman Estate, and Red Bird Estate) or the very cute Brittany's Flower Farm & Good Company Cafe. You might want to give yourself a few days!

Otherwise, for more inspiration and ideas be sure to check out our Locally Grown Food & Drink section or our Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries sections for more places to visit or our Events section for the Farmers' Market Schedule.

Happy harvest hunting here in the Creston Valley!


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