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Red Bird Estate Winery

An aerial view of the vinyards and main house on the grounds of Red Bird Estate Winery with the sun setting behind the mountains in the background
A close-up image of various wine bottles and glasses ready for tasting.

Red Bird Estate Winery started as a dream in Eastern Canada and became a reality for the Cardinal (aka red bird) family, whereupon they discovered the quaint and not-too-big-not-too-small vibe of Creston, BC.

Become a part of their great adventure by enjoying a vineyard tour and a tasting of their various bottles including the light and citrusy aromatics of the Red Bird Gewürztraminer, the rich Pinot Gris, the earthen-spiced Atelier Red or the truly unique Piquette -the traditional wine enjoyed by the workers of France's vinyards since time immemorial.

1046 Lamont Rd, Creston BC | (250) 254-8885


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