Red Bird Estate Winery

Red Bird Estate Winery started as a dream in Eastern Canada and became a reality for this family for four, whereupon they discovered the quaint and not-too-big-not-too-small vibe of Creston, BC. After a dedicated year-long excursion in France to learn the ways of viticulture from the experts and a few years of well-practiced hands on their own land, today Red Bird Estate Winery is proud to present their second limited vintage. Become a part of their great adventure by enjoying a vineyard tour and a tasting of their various bottles including the light and citrusy aromatics of the Red Bird Gewürztraminer, the rich Pinot Gris, the earthen-spiced Atelier Red or the age-old Piquette (a beverage drunk by French farmworkers centuries ago).

Red Bird Estate Winery 1046 Lamont Rd, Creston BC

(250) 254-8885