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Riverside Wilderness Park-Goat River

Stones of all sizes and shades of blue, purple, and grey line the riverbed of Goat River as the sun sets in the background at the Goat River Wilderness Park

The rustic Wilderness Riverside Park currently provides the only public access to the Goat River along a nice stretch of river rock sandbar on the river just south of Creston on Highway 21.

The park is an excellent place to enjoy a beautiful Kootenay day. In the summer take a dip in the cool refreshing river, have a picnic and enjoy a first-class river-seated sunset. Alternatively on a crisp autumn morning have a wander along the calm waters edge among the old river stones and contemplate life just a little bit deeper.

Operated by the Creston Valley Trails Society the park has limited amenities to preserve the natural habitat, with a small parking area, a portable toilet & a short trail to the riverside. Access to the park is via Sealy Road on the west side of Highway 21 just past the Goat River bridge, which is an unpaved and slightly bumpy dirt road.

*** Please be respectful of residents who live on this road by driving slowly, keeping the noise down and leaving no trace! Finally note that as this area opens onto surrounding wetlands and can be quite lively with mosquitos in the early summer bug spray and appropriate clothing is advisable.


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