Old Ferry Landing Boat Ramp

The site of the original Kootenay River cable car ferry, this site is arguably the calmest section of the river.

The old road to the river's edge acts as a rustic boat ramp that continues to be the prime launch spot for all sorts of water adventures along the river, including for boats, waterskis, kayaks, SUPs, and canoes. A nearby turnaround spot also provides room to park vehicles and boat and boat trailers and includes picnic tables and a fire pit for recreation users.

After launching into the slow moving Kootenay River many paddlers travel down (southwest) with the current towards the channels & wetlands around Nick's Island road bridge to watch for wildlife and birds. Those with boats may choose to go up or down the river towards Duck & Kootenay Lake instead.

The Old Ferry Landing can be reached fairly quickly from Creston by car or bicycle along the unpaved Kootenay River Road, which connects with Highway 21 just west of the town.