Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club

There is something special about the winter backcountry in and around the Creston Valley, especially if you love winter recreation. The area boasts a network of groomed trails and warm up shelters provided and maintained by the Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club who are members of the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation.

Memberships & Permits

There are Legislated Mountain Caribou closure areas that are only accessible to those who have a valid club membership and proper documentation provided by the club.

If you are choosing to ride in areas maintained by the club, it mandatory to have a permit & membership with Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club. Memberships & permits can be purchased online here.

Code of Conduct & Safety

The clubs work hard to protect and preserve these riding areas. Pack out what you pack in, and please use firewood sparingly at the cabins.

As with any winter riding in British Columbia Preparation is Key. Check the weather and avalanche forecast at www.avalanchecanada.ca before heading out for the day. A Transceiver Shovel and Probe worn on your person at all times and having taken an AST 1 course or higher is a bonus.

For detailed GPS maps in area, download Never Lost Trails, which include skill and ATES ratings, points of interest and special cautions to help keep you safe. This app will turn your cell phone into a GPS Trail navigation tool that works even where cell service is unavailable. You can find the Never Lost Trails app on Google Play or iTunes.