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Ka Papa Cedars Trail

A hiker admires the surrounding plantlife from the middle of a footbridge crossing a gulch along the Ka Papa Cedars Trail.

Trail Details:

  • Distance: 1.7 km Round Trip

  • Elevation Gain: 50 m

  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

  • Time: 1 hr

  • Season: Spring-Fall

  • Road Access: Easy, off highway

  • Parking: Lots.

Ka Papa Cedars Trail is a new loop trail located on Highway 3, toward Kootenay Pass. The trail wanders through an old growth Cedar Grove, affectionately named Ralph's Grove.

To get here from the Creston Valley Visitors Centre, drive 35 KM west on Highway 3 up the Kootenay Pass. Just before the to Char Creek Forest Service Road turn-off, you will spot a pull out & parking area with signs for the trail. Once you park you will find a trail information kiosk at the trailhead.

Alternatively, continue on and turn left on Char Creek Forest Service Road, crossing the bridge over Summit Creek and continuing on until you see another parking area and a kiosk sign on the left.

From the highway parking area the trail crosses a foot bridge over Summit Creek before the loop meanders through a variety of spectacular ancient trees. It can take up to an hour to complete the hike if one takes the time. The trail also has many excellent interpretive signs with information and beautifully crafted wood benches to sit and take in the majesty of the old growth trees in Ralph's Grove.


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