Blue Canoe Orchards

Blue Canoe Orchards operates with community and sustainability as one of their key values, offering a unique Rent-A-Tree program for one of their 750 lovingly-cared-for Lapin cherry trees, which are ready to harvest from July to August.

With this unique program you rent a tree to harvest with your family each summer! And if the tree "owner" doesn't come to harvest? The lush cherries are repurposed to local food banks and shelters or sold to support orchard maintenance in true keep-it-local style.

Alternatively, individuals just here for a short visit can also book to come U-Pick your own smaller quantities of Cherries to take home for your future home-made pies, canning, freezing, jamming and so much more.

Contact Blue Canoe Orchards today to secure your family a cherry tree or to book an appointment for U-Pick.

Blue Canoe Orchards 3403 Beam Rd, Creston, BC