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What to do in the
Creston Valley

Savour local wine and food pairings while taking in the mountain views. Beginning with wine tours, farmers' markets and an abundance of local art, this historic, well-loved region of British Columbia has something for everyone. Slow down, savour the tall trees and wispy shoreline, indulge in the freshness and take your time.


  • Creston Valley is surrounded by an abundance of fresh, clean water. The natural beauty of the Kootenay Lake is the perfect place for kayaking, boating, fishing, and swimming.

  • Kuskanook Rest Area Beach is a small, unmaintained beach on the south side of the Kuskanook Harbour.  This beach offers the closest access to Kootenay Lake from Creston and is popular with locals during height of summer.  The nearby rest area  provides a pit toilet and some picnic tables.

  • In the summer, the Goat River is a popular spot for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and "floating the goat".

  • The Kootenay River offers plenty of recreation opportunities  with access from the Old Ferry Landing. 


  • Stop by Tilia Botanicals a full-service apothecary that produces luxurious bath, facial products, culinary mixes, spice blends, household cleaning products and pet care products. Every product is produced with the finest organic or ethically wild-harvested herbs and ingredients in small batches to ensure freshness. Treat yourself to the best apothecary in the Creston Valley.


  • Want to relax with a deep tissue massage or need a manicure or pedicure for a night out on the town? Serene Spa, a full-service day spa is located in downtown Creston.


  • If it's yoga you are looking for, The Yoga Room where you can find a class for pain management, relaxation or improved physical and mental well being.


  • Take a trip to the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre for some sound therapy. 


Creston Valley is a hub for all types of artists, including painters and sculpters, craftspeople, writers, actors and musicians. There are year-round activities organized by the many small artisan businesses, the Footlighters, Creston Concert Society, the Friends of the Cinema and the Creston Valley Arts Council.

  • Creston Valley artisans produce some of the most vibrant art in the Kootenay’s. Visit Fly in the Fibre  for local art and a delicious cup of coffee.

  • There is something for everyone at the The Art Barn. Located on a 2-acre berry farm in Erickson  just down the street from Baillie Groham and Skimmerhorn Wineries, ​you'll find a huge variety of art materials & equipment, classes and workshops, as well as an intriguing miniature art gallery. It is an inclusive space catering to all ages and abilities.


  • Stop by Kunze Gallery, a studio and adjacent art gallery housed in the iconic red grain elevator. The Kunze Gallery exhibits painting, sculptures, photography, ceramics, and printmaking from both emerging and established artists.  If you are lucky, artists may even be found on-site working.


  • Spend an afternoon exploring and learning about the Yaqan Nukiy people at Legend Logos and the Yaquan Nukiy Heritage Centre.The Centre is located inside the Legend Logos building showcasing photos from the early 1900s, a tulle tipi, a sturgeon-nosed canoe, fish traps, cradleboards, and dance regalia are located on site for viewing.

  • Pridham Gallery welcome you to visit the studio and watch the pottery making process from raw clay to kiln opening. You will find hundreds of pieces in the gallery to choose from. Made for everyday use, the pottery is glazed with food-safe non-toxic glazes.

  • Footlighters Theatre Society is an award-winning performing arts group that produces a wide range of shows, from melodramas to musicals to thrillers.


One of the main reasons to travel to Creston valley is the fruit. The fruit in Creston Valley is abundant and delicious. There are  several  U-Pick opportunities if you're looking for an authentic experience. 


U-Pick Farms in the Creston Valley:

Flamenco Farms  2642 Erickson Rd, Erickson, BC

When: Tuesday-Saturday, 8am - 5pm or by appointment. Call (250) 254-0357

What: Cherries, Raspberries 

Romano's Blueberries - 2603 Sunset Blvd, Erickson, BC

When: By appointment. Call ahead: (250) 428-2194

What: Blueberries


NC Farms - 1138 Spruce Rd, Erickson, BC

When: By Appointment. Call ahead: (250) 428-5535

What: Plums, grapes, peaches, pears, walnuts and blackberries.


The Blueberry Patch - 2782-20th Street, Lister, BC

When:  Monday-Saturday, 8am - 5pm (Summer Hours) , Wednesday-Saturday 9am - 5pm (Fall Hours). Call (250) 428-4647.

What: Strawberries, blueberries, flowers


Creston is surrounded by lush, fertile agricultural lands and for this reason there are flourishing vineyards and orchards. If you're looking for a way to capture the essence of Creston Valley, from May - October there are opportunities to tour the vineyards, do wine tasting and purchase fresh produce.

Skimmerhorn Estate Winery was established in the early 2000. Grape vines are planted over 17 acres of land, and they utilize all of their own grapes for cultivating Skimmerhorn wines, without importing any grapes from any other vineyard/region.
Baillie-Grohman is a small family-owned vineyard and winery focused on cool climate varieties such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris & Chardonnay. They grow grapes of the highest quality to be able to produce elegant handcrafted wines that showcase the unique terroir.
The newest winery in Creston, Red Bird Estate is proud to present it's second limited vintage. This is the beginning of a great adventure. Be part of it by enjoying and sharing their wine. Open for tasting by appointment. 
Wynnwood Cellars vision is to create distinctive wines that reflect the terroir of this unique site above Duck Lake in the Creston Valley of the Upper Columbia Basin.
Wild North Brewing Company The mission is to bring an authentic craft beer culture to Creston in a way that honours local tastes while offering a platform into a new, adventurous world of craft beer.
Columbia Brewery Columbia Brewery is part of the rich brewing tradition of the region tracing its heritage to the Fort Steele Brewery established in 1898. Columbia Brewery began brewing its celebrated Kokanee lager in 1959 and was purchased by Labatt in 1974. Seasonal guided tours from mid-May to mid-October of the brewery are available and include a historical chronicle of brewing and samples at the end.


There is an abundance of opportunity to get moving in Creston. So many paths trails in the area to hike or bike in the Skimmerhorn and Purcell mountain ranges and through the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area. The rivers and lakes are perfect for swimming, canoeing, kayaking and fishing.


  • Looking to play a round of golf? The Creston Valley Golf Club is known as one of the finest competitive venues in golf and has carried a storied history since its inception in 1954. The course is playable for every level of golfer, from novice to expert. Following your first round, relax on the clubhouse balcony, enjoy a meal or refreshment, re-live the towering tee-shots hit at #7 and #12.

  • If you are into cycling, Summit Cycles & Sports is the place for gear. The shop offers bicycle sales, rentals, outdoor gear, tune-up packages, and year-round bicycle repairs.

  • Whether Fly or Reel, whether on a lake, in a creek or river, the Creston Valley boasts an abundance of fishing holes ready to be uncovered. Visit Mawson Sports or Wynndel Foods & Outdoors to get your gear.

  • Beautiful trails lead into the Selkirk and Purcell mountains, cradling the valley providing ample opportunity for this on ATVs, side-by-sides or dirt bikes to explore. If its ATVing or dirt biking, visit the Kootenay Speed Shop if its motorcycles, check out the Koots Motorcycle Shop.

  • You may also want to try Disc golf at Lister Park. This 9 hole course is recently installed with tampered packed gravel and rock dust Chip tee pads , which creates a grippy durable throwing surface.


  • If you like to ski, slip into the pristine wilderness surrounding the Creston Valley.  Earn your turns and enjoy untouched terrain on Kootenay Pass, meander along the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area Trails, or explore the shoreline of Kootenay Lake.

  • From Kootenay Pass to Grey Creek, Creston Valley is known for its vast, scenic snowmobiling opportunities in the Purcell & Selkirk Mountains.  From easy family-friendly trails to advanced backcountry bushwhacking, there is something for all skill and experience levels here.


The thriving local wetlands are visited by over 100,000 migrating water birds every year, including  Tundra Swans and Greater White-fronted Geese. The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area is also home to dozens of species of mammals, fish, reptiles, and amphibians such as the Northern Leopard Frog.

  • Combining recreation, conservation, research, and education, the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area is a spectacular place to visit over 375 species of wildlife. Year-Round self-guided walking trails, covered multi-level viewing towers, and boardwalk trails allow visitors to access the 32-kilometer network of trails by hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

  • The Kootenay-Columbia Discovery-Centre Society, located within the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area offers environmental education and awareness. Naturalists are on-site seasonally to deliver guided canoe and walking tours and a variety of special events and programs. The Nature Centre is open from May to October and offers educational displays and information, hands-on activities, trail information, a small gift shop and washrooms.

  • Want to do some fishing? Blacktail Ridge Eco Tours provide guided fishing tours on Kootenay Lake and highland eco-tours into the Kootenay wilderness. Blacktail Ridge Eco Tours  strongly believe in the ethical and honourable way of fishing and hunting and are happy to share this way of life. Blacktail Ridge Eco Tours specialize in small private groups. A day of adventure awaits!


  • Creston Valley Trails is the place to go for information on hikes around the area. It is run by a group of local outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for the valley and waterways. ​

  • Creston’s Millennium Park  features unique landscape elements and a variety of ornamental trees. The locally designed and constructed Japanese-style garden was a generous gift from Creston’s sister city of Kaminoho, Japan.

  • Canyon Park is a beautiful, rustic, somewhat rugged Park surrounded by   pristine nature waiting to be enjoyed by the backpackers, cyclists, kayak and canoe enthusiasts, hang gliders. Eco-tourists,  and equine enthusiasts.

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Tillia Botanicals

115 20 Ave S, Creston, BC V0B 1G5, Canada

(250) 428-8866
July 1, 2021, 3:55:27 a.m.

Kootenay Sound Healing

691 Riondel Rd, Riondel, BC V0B 2B0, Canada

(250) 225-3518
July 1, 2021, 3:54:50 a.m.

Serene Spa

125 10th Ave N, Creston, BC V0B 1G0, Canada

(250) 254-2373
July 1, 2021, 3:54:05 a.m.

The Yoga Room

1204 Northwest Blvd, Creston, BC V0B 1G6, Canada

Creston, BC V0B, Canada

Creston Concert Society

Creston, BC V0B, Canada

(250) 428-9557
Box 309, 139 10th Ave N, Creston, BC V0B 1G0, Canada

Fly in the Fibre

Box 309, 139 10th Ave N, Creston, BC V0B 1G0, Canada

Creston, BC V0B, Canada

Footlighters Theatre

Creston, BC V0B, Canada

(250) 428-5082
805 25 Ave S, Creston, BC V0B 1G1, Canada

The Art Barn

805 25 Ave S, Creston, BC V0B 1G1, Canada

8707 Johnson Road, Yahk, BC V0B 2P0, Canada

Yahk Soap

8707 Johnson Road, Yahk, BC V0B 2P0, Canada

3917 BC-3, Erickson, BC V0B 1K0, Canada

Alfoldy Gallery

3917 BC-3, Erickson, BC V0B 1K0, Canada

(250) 428-7473
138 12th Ave N, Creston, BC V0B 1G0, Canada

Pridham Gallery

138 12th Ave N, Creston, BC V0B 1G0, Canada

(250) 428-5080
215 Northwest Blvd, Creston, BC V0B 1G0, Canada

Kunze Gallery

215 Northwest Blvd, Creston, BC V0B 1G0, Canada

Wynwood Cellars

Wynwood Cellars

5566 BC-3A, Wynndel, BC V0B 2N2, Canada

(250) 866-5155
Red Bird Estates

Red Bird Estates

1046 Lamont Rd, Creston, BC V0B 1G1, Canada

(250) 254-8885
Baille Grohman Estates

Baille Grohman Estates

1140 27 Ave S, Creston, BC V0B 1G1, Canada

(250) 428-8768
Skimmerhorn Estates

Skimmerhorn Estates

1218 27 Ave S, Creston, BC V0B 1G1, Canada

(250) 428-4911
Summit Cycle

Summit Cycle

1021 Canyon St, Creston, BC V0B 1G0, Canada

Creston Valley Golf Club

Creston Valley Golf Club

1800 Mallory Rd, Creston, BC V0B 1G2, Canada

Mawson Sports

Mawson Sports

1026 Canyon St, Creston, BC V0B 1G0, Canada

(250) 428-4130
Koots Motorcycle Shop

Koots Motorcycle Shop

130 15th Ave N Creston, BC, Canada V0B 1G0

(250) 428-5522

Creston Valley Trails

P.O. Box 32, Creston BC V0B 1G0

Blackridge Tail Eco-tours

5435 Cory Rd, Wynndel, BC V0B 2N1, Canada

(250) 866-5785

Discovery Centre

1760 W Creston Rd, Creston, BC V0B 1G7, Canada

(250) 402-8661

Wildlife Management

1760 W Creston Rd, Creston, BC V0B 1G7, Canada

(250) 402-6908