Thanksgiving Mountain

Drive to Grey Creek 69km to the Grey Creek Foresty 20km Road Closed Oct-July

Moderate - Challenging 3.5 km Round Trip

We left the Buffalo Trails for a much-needed boost of caffeine before we were on our way out of town headed up the lake road or Hiway 3A, towards the ferry. If you live for the scenic mountain roads this one has much to offer.

About 68 km is where you will find Anderson road. Turn right off the highway onto a dirt road, a quick right-hand hairpin will get you on your way to finding the Grey Creek forestry road. This road is closed from Oct 30 to July 1 so we took this drive at peak larch season. October 3.

About 30Km up this foresty road you will come to t Olive Lake. A picture-perfect lake with cascading mountain walls almost completely surrounding you. About 1 km past the lake you will pass what looks to be a gravel parking spot for 2 cars? We drove past it the first time and started heading down the pass into the next cut. You have gone too far if this is the case. (the spot is much easier to see on your way back hehe)

This photo was taken basically from the trailhead looking up at the summit which you can make all the way up to if you are up for the challenge.

The trail starts off quite mild until you start to ascend quite suddenly, switchbacks and some steep inclines on your way up this 1.5 km to the summit. After getting to what we called the bowl you have the option to somewhat scramble or choose your own way up to the summit, which provides perfect vies s 360 degrees of the larches only weeks away from shedding their needles before the winter freeze.